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Application Fields

Examples for potential fields of application are:

  • heat-sink materials for breakthrough compact 3-d multichip architectures in microelectronics;
  • heat-sink materials for very high-density-power electronics with enhanced lifetime (5 Mio. cycles);
  • materials for advanced braking systems sustaining very high surface temperatures under air with controlled friction;
  • new re-usable economic protection materials for re-entry vehicles (fail-safe, negligible erosion per cycle);
  • re-usable shield materials for space thrusters (aim 20 cycles);
  • erosion-resistant materials for commercial fusion reactors providing the basis for a reduction in energy supply dependencies;
  • passively safe materials for very high temperature fission reactor components.
  • materials for high-temperature gas turbines with increased energy conversion efficiency
  • light-weight engine materials resisting thermal and mechanical load cycles and oxidation

The impact to this fields will be:

  • Electronic systems with extremely high heat removal capability are much more compact and economic; lifetime will not depend on thermal management failure.
  • The system lifetime of complex and expensive energy systems or space vehicles will no longer be dominated by the lifetime of the protection materials. Protection materials will be inherently safe against off-normal operation.
  • The system lifetime of accelerators, nuclear fission and fusion systems will no longer be dominated by material degradation from radiation damage; end-of-life treatment will be recycling or repository under very relaxed conditions.
  • Multifunctional compounds of dissimilar materials will be able to be produced industrially; their lifetime will not be reduced by poor performance of interfaces and joints.
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